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Year-Round Lawn Care Tips

Do you want a beautiful, lush, green lawn? If only it were as simple as throwing down some grass seed and letting mother nature do its thing, right? Unfortunately, for most lawns that's really not the case. Lawns need different types of care during each of the 4 seasons throughout the year.

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Have no fear, our lawn care experts have compiled a

list of lawn care tips that will help you keep your lawn in top shape year-round. We are a premier Knoxville Lawn Maintenance company offering lawn mowing, fescue treatments, and other lawn care maintenance services in the Knoxville area so when it comes to grass, we know our stuff.

You can get a FREE copy of this information compiled for you on a 1-page PDF document that you can print off and reference back to easily, but for the purposes of the blog, we are going to break each of our tips down by season, starting with spring.

(Please note, we are located in Knoxville, TN so these lawn care tips apply to the East Tennessee climate. If you're in a different climate, check with your local lawn care companies to see what they recommend for your region.)

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o Early spring: Apply a pre-emergent herbicide to prevent weed growth.

o Late spring: Fertilize with a balanced fertilizer to promote healthy growth.

o Consider aeration to improve soil compaction and allow better nutrient



o Water deeply and infrequently to encourage deep root growth.

o Spot-treat weeds as needed.

o Apply a slow-release nitrogen fertilizer to sustain growth.

o Monitor for pests and diseases and treat as necessary.


o Early fall: Apply a high-phosphorus fertilizer to promote root development.

o Consider aeration to improve soil compaction.

o Overseed your lawn with appropriate grass seed to fill in thin areas.

o Late fall: Apply another round of fertilizer for winter hardiness.


o Avoid excessive foot traffic on frozen grass to prevent damage.

o Keep the lawn clear of debris to prevent disease development.

o Consider winterizing fertilizer to strengthen the grass for the cold season.

If you'd like a Print-friendly version of this Year-Round Lawn Care Plan, you can download our FREE PDF!

If all of this sounds like way too much work for you, and you'd rather hire someone else to do all of this year-round lawn care FOR you, just give us a call. Homeworkx Outdoor can take care of all of this lawn care and more for you! Did you know we also offer weekly and bi-weekly commercial and residential mowing services in Knoxville? We are a premier Knoxville Lawn Maintenance company. We'd be happy to help you achieve the lush, green lawn you want by taking care of your lawn year-round.

Contact us online or call 865-985-6986 to request your free lawn service estimate. We'd be happy to send one of our lawn care experts out to assess your lawn or talk with you about your lawn goals and our different yearly lawn care plan options.

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